October, 2012

Is Hollywood Even Trying Anymore???

You know, you’d think with the advance technology we have in the post-Avatar entertainment industry Hollywood would be churning out gem after gem. Guess not.
This past week, moviegoers had the privilege of sitting through yet another Paranormal Activity. This year’s fourth installment signifies that the franchise is alive and well and certainly headed for a fifth installment next October. Almost like the Saw film’s of Halloweens past, Paranormal Activity signifies two things in this ever expanding entertainment industry: 1.) that the voice of the moviegoer is getting stronger and stronger. We demand to see more of our favorite characters and our favorite movies and 2.) We have absolutely no idea what we are talking about!
Hollywood has gotten lazy. Am I the only one that has noticed this?! I really hope I’m not. And as an active moviegoer, I feel like I’m being ripped off. My local theater charges me $13.50 to see the movies I love. Don’t even get me started on 3D films and there surcharges. For $13.50 I want my money’s worth and lately I feel like I’m getting the crappy end of the popcorn bag, with all the burnt popcorn and the kernels.
Yes, I did pay the $13.50 to see Paranormal Activity 4 opening weekend (advanced screening, actually) but I did so because I’m 4 films in. Why stop there when, if you read enough entertainment blogs, you know there will be a fifth one. That’s how Hollywood works nowadays. Introduce you a fresh concept and then run it into the ground. 4 films in and we still don’t know why this demon is attacking this poor family. There’s even a Latin-inspired spin-off film coming in 2013. Really?
The point I really want to make here is that as active moviegoers in the digital age where every thought we can possible have is documented, we can’t tell Hollywood to come up with something new? 2011 saw the release of 28 sequels, more than any other year documented. That means, if you space it out, we went and spent 28 weekends at the movie theater seeing the same characters and the same theme, just reworked.
Most sequels, no matter who you are you can’t deny, are good. And many franchises have the ability to withstand changing times and genres (I.E. Harry Potter and the Marvel Universe). This year’s James Bond marks 50 years of the character on the big screen and it’s far from over. But others (like Saw and the Paranormal Activities) have over stayed there welcome. It’s time for you guys to go. Frankly, the horror genre has a lovely track record of taking a scary, fresh, originally movie and killing it with franchises. (WHY, OH WHY DID THEY MAKE SEQUELS TO THE EXORCIST!?)

***I think this whole post is going to be an attack on the horror genre from here on out. They really do just destroy everything. I’m waiting for a sequel to Sinister. But I’ll spread out my anger across other genres***
I do love sequels, I can’t lie. I do leave theaters saying “Oh my God, they need to make another!” But just because they can, doesn’t mean they should. I would honestly boycott the theaters if they tried to make a sequel to the hugely successful Inception. Or they went through with Finding Nemo 2 without Ellen DeGeneress. There is a formula to making sequels. Some studios and directors get it right, others don’t. And the ones who don’t honestly think they do and that’s when a franchise is started. Darren Lynn Bousman should have stopped at Saw 3, but he didn’t and now we have 7 films that killed the first one!

But what I’m really trying to say is that as a lover of all things movie, I’m just tired of seeing the same thing. I feel like there is absolutely nothing original any more. All you see is remakes, prequels, sequels, reboots (that’s the new term so people can think it’s something more special then a remake) and adaptations of books and musicals or historic events. Inception was the last time I went to the movies to see a completely original concept played out before me.
Moviegoers: hear my voice . . . or read my words, whichever you prefer. Do any of you have an original idea? Share it with the world. Copyright that shit first but share! SHARE SHARE SHARE! I don’t want to see another Paranormal Activity. Mark my words, one day we’ll be sitting in their theaters watching a remake of Casablanca or The Godfather. God help us if we ever see a remake of The Godfather!
When that day comes, I officially lose my faith in humanity.

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