Oscar Needs A Serious Redo!

I think is this one of the worst Oscar session I’ve yet to see.

After the Golden Globes where given tonight, I think the Academy should do a complete overhaul. The fact that the 2 films that took the highest honors tonight where actual shockers is why the Academy is in serious need of a change.

First off was Ben Affleck’s surprise when for Best Director. That he managed to beat out such experienced directors like Spielberg and Lee, both Oscar winners themselves, is nothing short of amazement. Not to mention that this is Afflect’s 3rd directoral effort to date, speaks so much about hes credibily. The film itself won Best Picture – Drama beating out the sure winner Lincoln.

And second (which is not surprising but I’ll explain why it is a shocker) is Les Miserable winning Best Picture – Musical or Comedy.

Now, the reason why I say that the Academy needs a complete redo from here on out is because the winners of tonight’s big awards, Affleck and Les Mes’ Tom Hooper, have no chance of winning the award that really matters the most: the Oscar. Why? Because they’re not nominated!

It must be a sad feeling for Spielberg to know that his only chance of winning an Oscar, too which he already has two, is because of the misfortune of an up-and-coming direct like Affleck. And while the Oscar’s did manage to diversify the nominees this year, it still missed the ball for the ones who did deserve it the most.

I believe that the nominations for the Academy Awards should 1) be decided upon in conjunction with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. It’s the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences that control the Oscars. Or 2) only be decided upon after the winners of the Golden Globes have been announced.

Or 3) out with the old voters and in with the new!

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