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So I’ve had this WordPress account linked up to my Qwriting account here at Queens College since I started back in 2010. And throughout that time all I’ve published was Media Studies related articles. I’ve gotten responses and feedback on all my post from fellow WordPress user and however helpful that feedback is in writing more post, I’ve never really shared anything personal with the people who follow me. So now I get the chance to take a little break from the ordinary and write a little about myself.
My full name is Mathias Kranacher and I’m 21. I’m currently a senior at Queens College with a major in Media Studies and a minor in Journalism. My dream job since my first day here at Queens College has always been to work with Entertainment Weekly. It’s my Bible, so to speak. I have stacks of it next to my bed. Working at a bookstore and getting discounts on magazine hasn’t helped my addiction.
I currently work part-time (although the hours I’m scheduled say differently) at Barnes and Noble in Forest Hills. Funny enough, since I’ve started working there back in 2012 I’ve noticed that it’s kind of like a meeting ground for Queens College students and teachers. I have ran into so many classmates (some of which are my coworkers) and teachers will working you’d think I’m back roaming the halls of campus.
Barnes and Noble is hardly my first job. I’ve been quite busy throughout the years. I’ve been working progressively since the time I was 12 when I had a small after-school job as a busboy at a bar in my neighborhood called T.J.’s I worked there for 6 years until I was old enough to branch out and find a job that was bigger and better. Working there gave me great confidence and it helped me understand the value of hard work. I learned how to be quick on my toes when it’s busy and improvise when certain orders weren’t ready.
While working at T.J.’s I was going to high school at Thomas A. Edison Career and Technical High School in Jamaica. I went there to take up architecture and mechanical drawing. I was quite good. And so were my grades, which isn’t the case now.
After leaving T.J.’s I became a waiter full time at a restaurant called Maspeth Ale House and I also worked one summer at a small diner called Celebration. In between the two I worked part time with K-Mart and for the Department of Sanitation. I got that job through one of my neighbors and I worked at the main garage on the West Side Highway removing chains from all the tiers over the winter and cleaning the roads for the trucks. It was a dirty job no doubt about that but it taught me the value of dollar and what hard works really is.
So at the tender age of 21 I already have six jobs under my belt. It makes for an interesting life looking back but, to be honest, makes my future seem so much scarier. It’s hard to decide what career to have and what to do with your life. I love to write and I love journalism but there will always be something bringing my back to architecture and designing. And on top of all that I’m planning to attend culinary school after graduation. (Side note: I am an amazing cooks. It’s the Sicilian in me.)
No matter what path I decide on I know I’ll make the best of it. Here’s hoping!

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